Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summer Reading Essay :)

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Sean Covey
WTF: Cam, Jimmy, Byron, Reina

It was late on a friday night. It was a new moon and rainy. Jimmy could barely see where he was driving along with the distractions of Byron and Cam arguing about how Cam got on Varsity and Byron was demoted from JV to water boy. Jimmy was going at least 75 miles an hour. He was taking a sharp turn around a bend and out of nowhere a huge buck lunged out of the woods. There was a huge crash. a few minutes later everyone woke up. Jimmy was confused. “Dude i’m soaked!”, only Byron responded. Jimmy has yet to realize the the buck through the windshield. Jimmy was in a daze after everything that just happened. “JIMMY! I CAN'T FEEL A PULSE ON CAM!”. Jimmy, in shock, looked out of the driver side  window. As he was staring off he saw a red pickup truck drive by. “Jimmy snap out of it!” Byron yelled in his deep jagged pitched voice. “What?” Jimmy replied in a very tense scared voice. “Dude we gotta go someone saw us”.
“Oh my gosh Byron! What are we gonna do?
“Dude get a hold of your self! Okay so we’re gonna get the deer the deer off the car and put cam in the driver seat.”
“Okay okay” Jimmy said in fear. After Byron hooked some bungee cords up to the deer and started dragging it off of the hood of the car blood from the neck of the deer started spurting all over Jimmy. He started freaking out and screaming. “Just calm down and back up as fast are you can.” Byron said calmly yet with a little fear under his breath. They got the deer off the car and Cam into the driver seat and ran it to the woods right as the cops and ambulance were coming. “Perfect timing” Byron said to Jimmy. He was still in shock so Byron had to almost drag Jimmy up the hill. They were traveling through the woods for what seemed to be an eternity, when all of a sudden the say a road and a gargantus house blaring party music. Jimmy and Byrom proceeded inside only to realize that this was the party that they were supposed to be attending with Cam anyways. The hostess of the party,Rina, ran up to Jimmy and Cam with excitement. “Wheres Cam” Rina asked with suspicion noticing Jimmy soaked in blood. “He was here. I guess he went to go get a drink or something.” Byron replied. “Well. Jimmy, lets get you a new shirt. Maybe one of my dads will fit you.”
Jimmy and Rina went up stairs and Byron just went and mingles with his friends and peers like nothing had happened to Cam, his best friend, only hours ago. The boys got ride home from the new kid that lived on their block. Byron spent the rest of his weekend doing what he usually does which is hanging with friends and contributing in delinquent like activities. Jimmy on the other hand spent his weekend secluded in his room listening to music and not saying a word to anyone.
On monday everyone was talking about Rina’s party not giving a second thought about Cam not being there. That afternoon the principle had everyone gather in the lecture hall to listen to a safety, responsibility and key to success presentation from Sean Covey. “You know.Friday night, i say a car on the side of 91 with a deer through the windshield. I had two choices. One would have been just driving by thinking ‘stupid kids should watch where they're driving’ or to call 911 and get them help.” Jimmy and Byron are staring at each other across the lecture hall. At the end of the presentation the principal announced that it had been Cam driving the car. The boys were beyond terrified. Byron just finished the day not thinking twice. Jim,y on the other hand, ran to catch Mr.Covey to tell him everything that happened. Jimmy face the charge of 1 year in the California Juvenile State Penitentiary and Byron. Well Byron didn't get out for a long time.